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With our expertise in church facilities, we know it's really not about the building. The physical structure simply supports the Church and it's special mission. It is an investment in the lives of others.

We will embrace your stewardship responsibilities and partner with you to help ensure that the project is developed effectively and efficiently. You will be able to clearly demonstrate to the congregation that the project was a good value (quality at a competitive cost) and was delivered in a timely manner. More importantly, an open and collaborative process will enhance the connections between members and the church.

We also know from experience that church building projects are most successful when the mission is openly shared with the architects, engineers, builders, and craftspeople who are on the team. People who understand from the beginning that they are a part of something special, and whose efforts are recognized and celebrated, combine to create the highest performing teams.

We will be there at every step to advise, support, and guide you and to rejoice with you when your vision becomes a reality.