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Design and construction projects on college and university campuses require special knowledge, planning, and attention. Buildings are highly specialized ranging from libraries to student housing, recreational/sports facilities to research labs, classrooms to dining halls. These facilities need to be well-conceived and planned in order to serve the needs of students, faculty, and staff while being delivered with minimal impact to on-going campus operations and activities.

With a large group of university stakeholders, it is important to facilitate a process that promotes inclusion of the various constituencies. Buildings need to include the systems and infrastructure to support emerging technologies and methods of teaching, instruction, and research. They also need to be designed and constructed to be sustainable, provide for effective operations and maintenance, and use energy resources efficiently.

We specialize in helping university leaders, administrators , faculty, and students, organize and achieve successful project outcomes. We'll be there at every step to advise, support, and guide you throughout the process.

Like any other business, institutions of higher learning must compete, operate in a fiscally sound manner, and be good stewards of valuable resources. Building projects need to be of high quality, of good value, and be delivered with minimal change orders. It's not a building, it's an investment in the future.