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Project management for Private Clubs

Building projects at private clubs are deeply personal to the members. They are keenly interested and want to make sure their financial investment is being well managed.

Club governance is typically built around a committee structure which has the potential to complicate the planning and design process if you don't understand the dynamics. We do. We have specific expertise at helping club leaders organize to effectively lead the process and we'll be there at every step to advise and guide you.

Club leadership and management is charged with meeting high standards by providing quality services and experience for its members in a fiscally sound and responsible manner. Building projects are no exception. Developing the project to maintain member services, minimize disruption of on-going operations and loss of revenue is a key ingredient of the up-front planning process for project success.

Club members want to stay informed. Consistent communication with members is essential to maintaining their confidence and satisfaction. We have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you develop and maintain an appropriate level of communication with your members that will help keep them informed, supportive, and proud of the project and their club.