Alpharetta, Georgia

Mount Pisgah Christian School was established in 1986 as a community outreach of Mount Pisgah United Methodist Church. The School, which began as a preschool serving 70 three and four year olds, now serves over 1,000 students preschool through 12th grade.

The East Campus was developed to provide facilities for growing and expanding Upper School and Middle Schools. This campus features a $10 million basketball gym with classrooms, modular classrooms, and science labs.

The gymnasium was designed and constructed as a truly multi-purpose facility. The facility houses the basketball arena, lockers rooms, classrooms, and concessions and is converted on Sundays for youth worship services. The facility includes rear screen projection capabilities and is the site for numerous contemporary Christian concerts.

Construction Cost:
$19 million

Total Project Cost:
$22 million

Construction Completed 1999

CDH Partners

R.J. Griffin